Sunday 30 November 2014

OOTD & New Shoe Loving!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been extremely busy with UCAS related nightmares and A2 coursework, but the Christmas holidays are fast approaching and I plan to blog my heart out over them to keep me sane whilst revising for mocks. Less of the excuses- I'M BACK and I have a new pair of boots to share with you and I think I may actually be in love.
these are the booties or should I say beauties I mentioned. They were also a bargain at £22.99, I got them for even less though (hallelujah for student discount) with there low price and my black ankle boot obsession, I physically could not stop myself. Not only are they absolutely perfect for staring at and drooling over they're also ridiculously comfy to walk in.

I thought since I was so in love with these boots it would be rude not to style them and post a cheeky OOTD. I chose to keep things simple as it was a Sunday and my only plans were a Sunday lunch with my family. As always you'll have to bear with/ignore my horrific posing and off putting facial expressions,

Boots-New Look

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