Friday 4 September 2015

Food Post Friday- Breakfast

I am a MASSIVE foodie so I decided I needed more food on my blog, I decided what better way to do so than to start a collection of food posts? 
Breakfast is without a doubt my favourite meal so I thought I would share my favourite breakfasts.

 Cracker breads with mashed avocado topped with chipped plum tomatoes and a green smoothie on the side (pineapple, banana, spinach and wheat-grass)


This was my first attempt at a boiled egg and I have to say it was rather successful. I went with cracker breads rather than actual bread for soldiers because bread bloats me ridiculous amounts and I did not want to start my day in bloated troll mode. I had a side of plum tomatoes just because I love them and why not eh?

Possibly the quickest most simple yet still filling and delicious breakfast- Wholegrain rice crackers, topped with peanut butter served with apple because apple and peanut butter is a wonderful combination in my opinion.
What is your favourite breakfast? Also if you enjoyed looking at pictures of my breakfast (which you probably did not) be sure to follow me on instagram  @clairefrancesxo