Sunday 26 April 2015

Quick Fix Facials Exfoliating Scrub Mask Review

I recently spotted this ehilst having a snoop around TK Maxx and thought I would give it a go, the name 'Quick Fix Facials' is what caught my attention and originally drew me in.

The packaging: I much prefer masks that come in easy squeezable tubes than the ones that come in packets as I find even with my ridiculously large round head a lot of product is wasted and in general it is just easier to get out. Although I am not the greatest fan of the orange and purple colour scheme, I do not care that much as I am more concerned with the results of a mask rather than the pretty packaging it may come in.

The texture: As its extremely exfoliating the beads are quite large and some may find abrasive, but saying that I have extremely sensitive skin and it didn't even leave me all red faced and extremely sexy looking as masks often do. It kind of reminds me of cold porridge with bits in it, perhaps not an ideal image for something you want to slap all around your face, but hey,why not?

The smell: Perhaps smell is an odd thing to mention, but for me I am what you may call a sniff-aholic I have an extremely strong sense of smell and the smell of this product is not something I am a fan of, it kind of reminds me of old ladies, although not an unbearable completely foul smell, its arguably not a pleasant one either. I think the smell is down to the

The application: It says to apply to damp skin and leave for five to ten minutes. I apply it before going in the shower and then rinse off in there because that's jut what I find easier. It says to massage into problem areas, for me these are my nose and cheeks and then I rinse my face under the shower as I usually would in order to get rid of the remaining product. The overall application and removal of this product really could not be simpler.

Overall: I was really chuffed with the fast results of this cheap and cheerful product and will definitely be picking it up from Boot's from now on and I am dying to try their anti-blesh mud mask next.  It rapidly decreased the size of my visible pores and the black heads that were on my nose are now gone after just two uses, I think this is due to the glycolic acid as I have seen it mentioned in various other products of similar ideas. You get a lot of product for the RRP of £4.99 which is always a bonus, who doesn't love more bang for their buck?

Sunday 19 April 2015

Goodbye Dry

I suffer from extremely dry skin and my skin is also mega sensitive so I have to be careful with what I use to tackle this. So in today's post I will be sharing my guide to living a flake free life.

Step one: Hands, nobody wants to be caught red handed or should I say dry handed in this case, for years I have been using the Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream, I also love Soap and Glory Hand Food, but I find this one dries much quicker and keeps my hands smooth for longer. It contains macadamia nut oil which is key for soothing dry skin.

Step two: Face, there is nothing worse than a dry face, my face is often dry from various spot tackling treatments which can often leave the face sore and drier than a desert. So I find Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser is enough to leave the skin hydrated and smooth for make up without making you mega shiny and looking more oiled up than Kim K in her 'break the internet' pictures. Also as simple products are so 'simple' it doesn't irritate my sensitive spot prone skin; win win situation right here.

Step three: Body, when jumping out of the shower I want a fuss free moisturiser that will keep my skin moisturised, but will not feel greasy and will not take decades to dry. I have found the holy grail of affordable effective moisturisers- Vaseline Intesive Care Essential Lotion. It also has no funky fragranced ingredients that can often irritate my skin.

Step four: Feet, brace yourself sandal seasoning is coming and nobody wants to be caught slipping with their crusty dry back foot. Soap and Glory Heel Genius is a one stop solution to all your dry foot needs. Although I am not overly keen on the smell, I can learn to live with it, as its not as if you sniff your feet and I'd rather have nice soft feet that smell slightly odd than dry ones.

Step five:  Lips- last, but at no means least I cannot bare the feel of dry lips and nothing is more effective that good old Vaseline in my opinion. My favourite is this Cocoa Butter one, you can kiss goodbye to dry lips.

Thursday 16 April 2015

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Despite the lack of posts I am still alive, although I would rather not be due to the large amount of A level revision I have been doing, hence why I've been pretty poo on the blogging front.
 I just NEEDED to express my love for this foundation, although I may seem extremely late on the whole blogging hype that once surrounded it I bought this a while ago and was extremely disappointed when the shade I had (100 Ivory) was far too dark despite being the lightest one I could find in store. Since the weather in England is surprisingly great right now I have had a spray tan to stop me from looking like death and this foundation is now a perfect match.

Packaging is pretty standard, I would say the colour matches the name very well.


I like the fact this foundation has a pump, makes getting the right amoun
t hassle free.

As I mentioned I have been revising my life a way so I am tired 24/7 and when I am not revising I occasionally brace the outside world with my presence and I have found this foundation has prevented small children from screaming at the sight of me it gives a lovely natural looking 'glow' to the skin and the I would say is medium coverage, for me the staying power was great, but I have dry skin so I do not know how it would last on other skin types. With this foundation I would definitely say a little goes a long way, I use my beauty blender to apply as I do all my foundations. I would say it is a great spring summer foundation as it also contains SP15 and gives a healthy looking glow, I have seen many reviews where people have moaned about the shimmer, although I haven't noticed that- no looking like Edward from Twilight for me- what a shame (not). The worst thing about this foundation for me is the smell, in my opinion it smells absolutely awful; I have never seen anyone else complain about the smell though so perhaps just me being fussy.
For such a cheap foundation I cannot complain it makes the most tired of A level students look awake and that's enough to impress me, I think it was also on a 3 for 2 in Boot's as it regularly is when I picked up mine so was an absolute bargain.