Wednesday 11 March 2015

Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser Review

The packaging is pretty standard, at the end of the day it is a face wash so it isn't meant to be aesthetically pleasing, I personally like the pump as it means I can apply the amount needed and there is little waste the durable packaging is also good for me because I use this when in the shower.

All that scientific sounding malarkey 

I have been using this product for a while now and I can happily say has worked wonders. 
Every night when in the shower I use this product by simply applying it to my damp face in circular motions then removing it using a damp Liz Earle deep cleansing mask sponge. Before I had visibly large pores around my nose, but now they are basically unnoticeable and my face also feels much cleaner. I have read many reviews where poeple have said they do not recommend it for people with dry skin, I personally have dry skin and cannot see why people would say so. I am also fortunate enough to have nice sensitive teenage skin that is prone to acne so I am often extremely precautions before smothering something new all over my face and thankfully this didn't cause me to break out and resemble a pizza like many cleansers have in the past. The charcoal it contains is supposedly what draws out the dirt, impurities and overall grossness from your skin and is apparently used in many Asian beauty products and we all know Asian skincare is the holy grail of all skincare so surely this must be good? 
The consistency of the product is weird and hard to explain the grey gel with tiny  black bits (I assume are the charcoal) turns into a white foam like mask when massaged into the skin.
 Although I usually much prefer a face wash that exfoliates this still left my skin feeling really clean and soft.
Kind of resembles some kind of alien goo (don't let that put you off)

For only £4.99 at Boots, I definitely say give it a go if you are on the look out for a cleanser that will banish those larger pores and leave your skin feeling cleaner than clean.

Sunday 8 March 2015

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation Review

I recently picked this foundation after I became very intrigued when seeing it absolutely everywhere from blogs, YouTube and greeting me whenever I entered Boots or Superdrug I just assumed it would be rude not to cave; so that's what I did and I don't think I will ever look back.

(I personally love the packaging)

 Mine's in Ivory 10 which I believe is the lightest shade, the undertone is more of a yellow which I usually avoid because my skin is more of a pink, but it is easily blended and leaves a nice soft silky finish very skin like natural looking and even coverage, it is definitely build-able to a medium coverage, It feels extremely light on the skin I suspect this is obviously due to the fact that it has a liquid like consistency and is apparently "12 times finer than Maybelline Dream Satin" which I did not personally like.

The dropper is solid and distributes just about the right amount (very technical sounding, I know) I applied it with my fingers which I was rather reluctant about to begin with, but most blogs I read  recommended doing and so did the instructions so I bit the bullet and did so and I can definitely see why as if by magic, it worked and left an even finish, I hate cleaning my beauty blender and brushes so this is definitely a winner for me. It apparently contains 'concentrated concealing pigments' and they're the secret behind the fact its basically the Harry Potter of the foundation world; great coverage without feeling cakey and is extremely natural looking- Hogwart's eat your heart out.

For the price this product is definitely worth try. Warning: You may possibly fall in love and become obsessed.

It has defintely quickly become my favourite foundation due to the fact I hate the feeling of foundation yet this feels like you're not wearing make up yet gives a great coverage and is a perfect everyday base. It's currently on offer at Superdrug and Boots so now is the perfect time if there ever was one to grab it!