Monday 27 July 2015

VO5 Give Me Texture Shampoo and Revive Me Daily Conditioner

I am the least loyal person ever when it comes to shampoos and conditioners, I just love trying out different products. I recently stumbled across these VO5 ones, I like packaging so that drew me in along with the name of the shampoo- it intrigued me as I have lifeless flat hair. I stupidly didn't realise I had not picked up the matching shampoo and conditioner until I began to take blog pictures, but thought they were worth a mention nonetheless.

Give Me Texture Shampoo:

The shampoo lathers extremely well and I have noticed my hair is appearing slightly bouncier and I have used nothing else to achieve this so I am assuming this was a result of the shampoo.

Revive Me Daily Conditioner:

I found this conditioner was light, so did not weigh my already flat hair down; whilst still keeping my hair feeling soft and hydrated. It claims it is perfect for everyday use, although I do not washy my hair everyday and it also claims to have heat defence properties, I rarely use heat on my hair- but if I was too I am not sure I would trust a conditioner and go without a heat defence spray.

Overall I think at £3.99 both products do the job of cleaning my hair sufficiently and I love the scent of both. Also my hair is really thick and these products have lasted much longer than my shampoo and conditioner do so you definitely get more bang (or shampoo and conditioner) for your buck!

Do you have any shampoo or conditioner recommendations?

Friday 24 July 2015

Annie's Burger Shack

I have decided in order to add more lifestyle elements to my blog, I may start doing the odd food post as I am a MASSIVE foodie and I am starting with this. 

Yesterday I visited Annie's Burger Shack in Nottingham (Lace Market area) before going I had relatively high expectations as I had heard nothing, but good reviews.

First of all how lovely is the decor I think it definitely added to the lovely chilled atmosphere

 I ordered the "BBK King" with sweet potato fries because I love sweet potato fries more than life, I also had a mango and passion fruit slushie which was unreeaaaaaal.

The food came so fast (after I had made my mind up on what I wanted which was the most difficult decison ever as there was soooooo much to choose from) the staff were also very friendly and the service was great.

Overall I was mega impressed I spent less than £15 and left in a food coma- they also cater for vegans and vegetarians, so I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Have you been to Annie's? Do you have any food recommendations for places in Nottingham/Derby/Birmingham?

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Lace On Denim OOTD

When I saw this top on boohoo I just HAD to have it- its four of my favourite things in one top- white,lace,bell sleeved and has tassels what's not to love?

(Please excuse how pale and moody looking I am)

Top- Boohoo
Skirt- Primark
Sandals- Public Desire
Necklaces- Etsy, Primark & Random

Monday 13 July 2015

Organic Surge Intensive Smoothing Serum

Expressing my love for another Organic surge product today (if you would like to know what I thought of their mask click here)

 First of all how stunning is the packaging?

I use a drop off this all over my face before applying my moisturiser and make up too add some (much needed) life back into my zombie like skin it has helped me appear more radiant, perfect for summer. The smell is delicate yet lovely. I would also like to add it has helped to prime my skin as since I have started using this my foundation has appeared to last much longer, which is great because I always forget to apply primer as I am extremely lazy and I would also much rather have a 2 in 1 product whilst its warmer as the thought of fifteen thousand different lotions and potions in this heat is not what I want, I'd much rather have my skin being able to breathe whilst still looking glowy not greasy.

The pump gives you the perfect amount of product to prevent wasting the serum. It is apparently effective at smoothing wrinkles, but I am 18 so I am not yet queuing at the botox clinic, but it definitely leaves my skin smooth and not all greasy. This product is also vegetarian and vegan friendly.

 You only literally need one pump so I think this will last me a while and I bought it directly off their website here.
What are your favourite serums?

Saturday 11 July 2015

What I Wore To Wireless Festival

Last Friday I went to Wireless Festival and literally had the best day of live music I have ever experienced so I thought I would share what I wore. As the festival was sponsored by New Look I thought it would be rude to not wear something from there! Just kidding, but I literally fell in love with this dress from there- I also went mega cliche girl at a festival and wore flash tattoos also from new look. I wore bare legs for the first time ever so please allow my ridiculously pale legs they have just never seen the sun! Also this was not actually me on the day, just me on my back garden pretending I am still there because on the day I was far too hot and sweaty for outfit pics!

(Please excuse the lack of photos its just as soon as I get my camera out I become the most least photogenic thing you have ever seen)

Dress- New Look
Flash Tattoos- New Look
Neckalaces- Random and Primark
Choker- Etsy
Boots- New look
Rings- H&M and random
Nail Varnish-  Rimmel Salon Pro By Kate in Britpop

 Are you going to any festivals this year?

Thursday 9 July 2015

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara

I have recently ran out of my Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara which I was loyal to for a around three tubes, so I thought it was about time to venture back into the world of mascara and take a stroll through the heavenly isles of Boot's after a good wonder I decided I would choose this L'Oreal one.

The thing that originally drew me to this particular mascara is that it promises 'no overload' and 'no clumps' due to the way the applicator is designed to remove excess mascara because I do not personally enjoy looking like I have three weirdly thick clumpy eyelashes.

The formula is extremely black and is also buildable, but as I prefer to go natural on the eyelashes one coat is enough for me. As the products name suggests it is more of a volume building mascara rather than length, but this is personally what I need. I found that the mascara wand covers every eyelash and that the formula lasts quite well and does not flake.
(Taking pictures of your eye is much more difficult than I anticipated also excuse my messy brows, dark circles and lack of make up)

For £10.99 I wouldn't say this is a bad mascara, but I will also not be rushing out to repurchase- yes it does the job, but its also not breathtaking (selected L'Oreal products are currently 3 for 2 at Boot's so if you were looking to purchase this now would be a good time)

What are your mascara recommendations? 

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion

As it has been extremely hot in the UK recently sun cream has been even more important than ever, I have recently been using this organic scent free sun lotion by Green People the thing that intrigued me the most about this product is that it is free of parabens, alcohol, artificial perfumes and colourants.

The product is also suitable for sensitive skin which I have. I found this product was not sticky and gross feeling how sun creams can often be as stated it is scent free you literally cannot notice the smell. This product is suitable for vegetarians. The packaging is sturdy so definitely suitable for travelling, the packaging is also recyclable so double win for you and the planet. Also 10% of Green People's net profit is donated to charity and they appear as proud sponsors of the marine conservation society so not only are they passionate about protecting your skin, but also marine wildlife.

The fact it is SPF 30, not 50 originally put me off, but I recently shockingly found SPF 50 only filers out 1% more UVB light than SPF 30 so this product is definitely suitable for everyday wear and protection (from the sun- not an innuendo) 

Mine came with a leaflet with a cheeky discount code so if you're wanting to try the Green People organic sun care range quote 'BEACH' for 20% off (who doesn't love a cheeky discount code eh?)

Tell me what you have been loving to protect yourself from the Sun in the comments

Sunday 5 July 2015

Organic Surge Daily Care Deep Cleansing Face Mask

The packaging is relatively simple, but I quite like it I think the hint of metallic silver and pink adds a pretty edge to the relatively minimalistic looking product- I love the use of the pump as it prevents waste of product,
 Before I go on to review the product I would just like to point out I really like the ideology of this brand as they do no test on animals, they are organic, the packaging is fully recyclable and they are vegetarian and vegan friendly and along with all of this the packaging also states they support a Kenyan Children's home.
Not only are they a lovely brand, but I have been loving this mask- it leaves my skin feeling ridiculously clean and hydrated as in summer I suffer from rather dry skin this has helped an awful lot. The product also has a rather delicate scent I believe this would be due to the lemon and rosemary oils it contains. Overall this product leaves my skin feeling soft and glowing ready for those long make up free summer days it also doesn't break me out which is very rare for a hydrating mask the light formula of this one has even perhaps helped to clear my skin up.
For £8.50 I will definitely be purchasing it again from their online shop I am also excited to try more from them.

Have you tried any products from this brand? Would love to know your thoughts