Sunday 28 June 2015

A Week On My Instagram #1

I have always seen these posts and thought they were cool and I am unsure as to why I have never done one because I am not going to lie, I am instagram OBSESSED. When I am not posting I am constantly scrolling and double tapping my life away.

Ever since studying The Kite Runner during my AS levels, I have been dying to read more by Hosseini. I decided now after finishing my A levels would be a perfect time and can I just say- I am loving this book so far and would definitely recommend to anyone.

I recently spotted this in Nottingham Victoria Centre- it is 'The Butterfly Project' to celebrate the return of the Emmet Clock to Nottingham intu invited children to decorate a beautiful butterfly and what appears to be after a lot glitter later this gorgeous display (if you want to know more about this then visit this page)

A silly selfie by me and my best friends on a recent trip to Birmingham to celebrate my friend Leah's birthday- not much more to say about this.

PIZZA!!! What to expect if I continue doing these posts as I love a good food picture and what makes this pizza better is that it was mega cheap all hail Pizza Express 40% NUS discount on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Just your average blog post advertisement insta pic for my Getting Lippy post.

 A cupcake my Mum got me, but I sadly did not eat this despite how scrumptious it looks as I am on a clean eating mission in order to lose the weight I gained in the many months I spent revising and snacking whilst revising ( I realistically ate like 20 jars of peanut butter in 3 months- no regrets, well slight regrets

An example of the clean eating I just mentioned. Is it weird that I actually like kale? Also poached egg topped with chilli flakes= fabulous.

And to finish- a cheeky selfie, what an anti-climax (I love these earrings though not going to lie) 

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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Getting Lippy

With summer fast approaching I decided to switch my lip balms up, nobody wants to be caught crusty lipped whatever the weather. In this post I will be sharing how I have been keeping my lips hydrated who knows when your lips will need to be smooth for that summer holiday fling or cheeky festival kiss (not that I need to worry about that, but I do not want lips drier than the desert because that's an awful base for any bold summer lip.)

Brit Balm Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm
I am sorry, but first of all how cute is this packaging? This lip balm contains SPF 15 perfect to protect your lips from burning in the sun. This is definitely the more hydrating of the two and it also leaves a pretty pink sheen to lips. It also has a sweet smell and by sweet smell I mean it literally smells like sweets, I think this product is probably marketed towards a young teen audience from the packaging and smell, but I am not afraid to admit I love it.

Oh my gosh- the smell of this product is UNREAL literally good enough to eat the mango scent is the perfect summery lip addition. I find this product heavy when first applying, but nonetheless it does the job of keeping your lips hydrated for a long time. It leaves a nice clear glossy look to the lips also very natural yet pretty looking perfect for a hot summers day or a fuss free picnic lip so you don't have to worry about reapplying your lipstick after stuffing your face. I would not suggest this for mega dry lips as the product is definitely not the most hydrating on the market, but for a quick everyday application it is sufficient to add moisture to lips.

What are your favourite lip balms?

Saturday 20 June 2015

Clearasil Ultra Blemish + Marks Scrub

So my A level exams are officially over and here I am reviewing (yet another) face wash.
This recently caught my eyes on one of my many visits to Boot's I should literally be banned for my own good, but that's another matter.

I have tried many Clearasil products in the past as many spotty teenagers like myself probably have and have found they are extremely hit or miss- you either find a new holy grail or are left with 50% of an apparent spot fighting mega treatment and left feeling extremely underwhelmed.

The packaging is pretty bog standard and isn't exactly instagram worthy, but it does the job. The squeezy tube (very technical sounding, I know) makes it easy to get the right amount of product and prevent wasting product; because lets face it we've all been there trying to remove the last drop of our favourite face wash from difficult packaging- absolute nightmare.

This product has some rather large claims 'Helps clear blemishes fast and fight appearance of marks' whether I am sold on that I am not sure, before I started using this product I had a breakout which soon cleared up- whether it aided this process I am unsure. For someone with sensitive break out prone skin like me this product did most certainly not do me any harm, like many products do. It doesn't have a funky smell like some face washes do which is always a bonus, nobody wants to feel as if they need to cleanse their nostrils after a hideous smelling face wash has polluted them.
It is a gel like formula containing scrubbing beads which they claim 'provide a deep skin cleansing experience'  I cannot deny it left my skin feeling clean, although I cannot say I will be rushing to Boot's to repurchase I am also not disappointed as it works wonderfully as an everyday face wash to leave the skin feeling fresh.
It retails for £5.99 at Boot's which I would say is fair for the product and the amount you get.

What are your favourite Clearasil products?

Sunday 14 June 2015

MUA Loving

So the end of my A level exams are near and I have one exam to go (HOORAY!!!!) so after next Friday this blog will become post central, but I thought I would take a revision break and upload a quick post on some cheap and cheerful new faves of mine from MUA.

Up first is the Romantic Efflorescence Palette at the cheeky price of £4.00 yes you read right 4 pounds- absolute madness. Not only does the name mean I now actually have some romance in my life, but it is also a gorgeous little palette with the perfect mixture of matte and shimmer shades, what more could you want! I was also thrilled to find that all the eye-shadows in the palette are individually named unlike many purse friendly palettes - does that make me sad? Probably. The packaging isn't that exciting which is standard for any MUA product and it also includes one of them horrific sponge double ended weird things that nobody has used to apply make up with since the age of 13, but the shades as swatched below are stunning and give a great colour pay off  with the exception of mesmeric and reveal, but for £4  you cannot really complain and all shades are more than easy to blend.

Left to right: Captivate, Reveal, Siren, Exposed, Magnet, Bewitch

Left to right: Fiery, Lavish, Obsessed, Corrupt, Tempt, Mesmeric

Another MUA product I have been trying and thoroughly enjoying recently is the
Power Pout Colour Intense Tint & Balm and for £3 it would have been rude of the lip product hoarder that I am to not pick up 3 right? They are extremely moisturising and add a lovely sheen to the lips a perfect no effort yet pretty looking carefree summer lip essential. I picked up the shades  Broken Hearted, Irreplaceable and Runaway.
Top to bottom: Broken Hearted, Irreplaceable, Runaway

Broken Hearted



What are your favourite MUA products? I would love to know