Tuesday 13 January 2015

January 2015 MAC Lipstick Loves

I find lipstick choice difficult at this time of year, as I personally don't find nudes very flattering and we've said goodbye to the festive reds and its too soon for the spring and summer brights; In this post I will be sharing my MAC early year life savers.

(Left: All Fired Up and Right: Girl About Town)

(Left: All Fired Up and Right: Girl About Town)

All fired up: 
A recent buy, I fell in love so quickly my friends were shocked with how fast I approached the lady working in the MAC store asking for it. Although, it was definitely a slight impulse buy, I have absolutely no regrets. A wearable matte shade. I would describe it as a 'pinky' red in real life, although the camera isn't doing it much justice. This lipstick is the perfect texture for a matte, although it adds no moisture to the lips, it also doesn't dry them up- an essential when taking into consideration the awful January winds.

Girl About Town:
I had been lusting after this lipstick for quite a while, so I thought it was long over due when I finally bought it and simply the rest is history. Although rather bright (once again, the camera did not do it justice at all) it is definitely wearable in my opinion the simple way to brighten up a dull January day or an all black winter outfit. Girl about town is very creamy in texture, perfect for concealing them gross wind damaged lips, but leaves a stain as well perfect for those who do not have time to worry about re-applying their lipstick every five seconds. 

(My pictures really do not do the lipsticks justice, but it is incredibly difficult to take images when I get home from sixth form at the moment as it is already dark, so the lighting is terrible. So if you could just ignore this please. I am trying my best to upload as much as I can, although I have a lot of fast approaching coursework deadlines)

Saturday 3 January 2015

Floppy and Floral

Firstly, I would like to say a happy new year to all. I plan to post a lot more in 2015. 
My first post of the year is this OOTD.

I have realised how difficult I find it to act serious for more than ten seconds so expect plenty more silly facial expressions from this blog in 2015

Boots- New Look
Playsuit- Select